From Concept to Creation - Building Your Dreams With Us

Company Overview

Scalero Custom Homes is an architectural design and construction company doing business on Florida’s Space Coast since 1992. With nearly 25 years of experience, Scalero has grown to become the area’s leading residential design/build company. The reason for this outstanding reputation is simple; easy access to your designer and builder, quality materials and pride in workmanship.

Scalero is a local, family based company with strong links to the community. Bob, and wife Bonnie, are very much aware of what people look for in a custom home and they take a “hands-on" approach with every home they build. They pride themselves in offering a total package to suit the individual client. From initial introductions, they can provide planning and design, assist with the land selection and of course build a stupendous home.

As true custom home builders we’re not restricted by predesigned home plans - there is almost no limit to what can be achieved."

Since 1992 Scalero has been a winner of many numerous home designs underpinning our reputation as innovators in design and construction.

Every home that we create is unique, based on each client’s needs and desires. In every case our aim is to deliver truly stunning results that are elegant, functional and exceed the expectations of our clients."

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Crafted with precision and developed with refined flair and elegance, a Scalero home is more than a beautiful place to live—it’s a timeless design. It’s not just design, it’s art—and Scalero creates masterpieces!

When you choose Scalero to design and build your new custom home we promise:

  • True custom design based upon your dreams and needs
  • A passion for excellence
  • Unrivaled quality and workmanship
  • Extraordinary attention throughout both design and construction
  • Single-point responsibility—Bob Scalero will be your contact throughout the design and construction

We offer a full range of Design/Build services that include:

  • Site planning and consulting
  • Construction management services
  • Residential custom home design service
  • Construction budget development and management

Highly Referred And Industry Affiliated

Scalero knows and understand the value of referral clients and having a long list of previous clients willing to speak on our behalf is perhaps our best way to measure our success. Affiliated with the National Home Builders Association, Scalero looks forward to providing you with our full range of design/build services. As a company, we love watching the satisfaction and enjoyment our homes have brought to so many clients over a significant period of time. We invite you to share in our experiences.

Deal With A Local Builder Committed To Your Neighborhood

Scalero’s success will rise with that of the community. As long-time residents of Melbourne, Scalero is committed to building beautiful homes that stand the test of time and serve as a testament to Scalero’s quality workmanship.

Focused On Building Quality Homes—Not Quantity

Scalero is a boutique design and construction firm with a unique understanding of client expectations and needs. A small team of highly skilled experts manages all aspects of the building process from beginning to end. Scalero Custom Homes offers architectural custom home design, assured quality construction and the flexibility that large project homebuilders can't provide.

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Since 1992, Bob Scalero has built some of the finest homes and communities on the Space Coast. He has also built a loyal following of satisfied customers and a solid reputation in the community as a responsible businessman whose work reflects the pride in his craft. This element of personal pride and dedication to a “job well done” is reminiscent of an earlier era, a time when craftsmen signed their work – a time when spoken promises meant reliable results.

Scalero has grown by practicing a simple philosophy: "Do things right – and do the right things." This philosophy is not just wording in a brochure – it is an idea that Bob believes in – and it has become a tangible achievement found in each home that bears the Scalero signature. It also represents a sincere respect for the environment, commitment to community, and personal integrity through all phases of the homebuilding process. These are traits found throughout the entire Scalero organization. They are traits that have earned Scalero many numerous industry awards for both innovative design and quality craftsmanship since 1992.

When a client has entrusted us with their money, dreams and safety we owe them our very best effort.
It seems as though most builders just want to do the “minimum” to get by, and although this might lead to fast turn-around times and cheaper prices, it doesn't provide the homeowner with the kind of lasting value that comes from a quality Scalero built home.

“The results of quality work far outlast paying a little more or waiting a bit longer."

Bob has always endeavored to build every project as if he were building it for himself. There used to be a time when this was normal practice but with the advent of cookie-cutter houses, and the emphasis of quantity over quality, those times are long gone. Unfortunately, very few builders today share a similar philosophy.

We’re builders in the old sense of the word and we’re in the business of hand crafting one of the last great “MADE IN AMERICA” products—this is an immense source of pride for the Scalero team—the quality of the work always comes first. From land planning and architecture to construction and settlement, the entire Scalero team works to achieve outstanding results and satisfied customers. Those efforts continue long after the sale. Scalero clients often become friends – and many become repeat customers. "Building long standing relationships" isn't just another corporate slogan; it is a goal that forms the cornerstone of each Scalero home. It is your assurance of an enjoyable experience and lasting value.

Get to Know Your Builder

How Bob Began Building Custom Homes

After graduating from college in 1975, Bob accepted an interim management job with Town Island Builders in John’s Island, Vero Beach, FL. During his tenure at Town Island he learned how to build estate style homes with high-end finishes. These homes were located on the barrier island in Indian River County and were built to the strictest structural standards at the time. With his newly acquired degree in engineering Bob welcomed the rigid codes and appreciated the enormous amounts of concrete and steel the builder employed in each home. At the time he had no idea how this experience would shape his professional life and his future home building business.

Scalero Custom Homes’ humble beginnings began in 1992 when Bob decided to build his own home. He met with and interviewed many of the area’s top builders and was greatly disappointed with their product offerings. He felt their home plans lacked excitement and imagination while their building practices simply lacked structural integrity.

Since Bob couldn’t find any suitable house plans he decided to take it upon himself to design his own home. One morning, while having breakfast at a neighborhood diner Bob scratched out his very first design on the back of paper placement and then had his design transferred to working construction drawings. After picking a lot in the newly formed beachside community named The Cloisters, Bob settled on the fact that he would need to build his own home in order to get the quality he demanded. He knew he could lean on his experience with Town Island Builders and rely on his engineering background to build his perfect dream home.

Bob hand picked the very best tradesmen and learned every aspect of home building in the field. Working over the shoulders and picking the brains of each tradesman Bob eagerly exhausted the best minds in the industry. At various stages of construction Bob would often square off with the Tradesmen and challenge their engineering and structural practices. Of particular interest was the masonry and concrete work phases of construction. Bob would look for any opportunity to incorporate formed and poured concrete together with reinforced steel—a practice that was seldom seen at the time in residential home building—and according to Bob, a practice that just doesn’t get used enough today.

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Bob’s in-field “hard-hat” education and passion for excellence didn’t go unnoticed. Many potential homebuyers would often stop by the construction site and make inquiries about the architect and builder. Bob would proudly share his design ideas and his commitment to employ superior construction practices. Homebuyers appreciated Bob’s emerging home design because it was timely and unique. His design was a refreshing open floor plan for casual Florida living. It wasn’t difficult for homebuyers to see the difference in construction practices either—enormous amounts of concrete have a way of speaking for itself. The quality of construction together with his innovative home design compelled many prospective homebuyers to induce Bob into building their homes too.

One thing led to another and Bob soon found himself in a different career and the owner of a custom home building business. What began as personal goal to build his own home had now transformed into a growing home building business. One by one, Bob was commissioned to design and build homes for 24 Cloister families — clients who are now his friends and neighbors.

Bob taught himself to design homes using computer aided design (AutoCAD) software and over the next 20 years his industry would recognize him with more than 50 design and craftsmanship awards. He had obtained a Florida Residential Contractor’s license and now holds a Florida General Contractor’s license.

After nearly 25 years in business Scalero has established its reputation as one of the areas most prestigious custom homebuilders. His guiding principle in those early days was simply to build a better home and tirelessly advocated using many concepts from Miami/Dade’s stringent hurricane construction codes.

A Professional Perspective

Bob Scalero grew up in Merrick, Long Island, and moved to Vero Beach in 1971 to attend college at Florida Institute of Technology. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1975, and went on to receive his Masters in Electrical Engineering in 1979. Bob returned to Florida Institute of Technology to obtain his PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1989.

Among other degree requirements, Bob’s graduate studies emphasized digital signal processing, communications, and adaptive filtering. His Doctoral thesis included the development of a new algorithm, which integrated Kalman filtering with a back propagation loop for rapidly training neural networks.

During Bob’s professional career in engineering he worked for companies such as Northrup Grumman, DBA Systems, Bendix Avionics, and PRC, a planning and research corporation at Kennedy Space Center. One of his many accomplishments included work on the Joint STARS program.

Bob’s extensive engineering and management background fit seamlessly into the building industry. As an engineer, he pays close attention to detail, and meticulously works through complicated issues. From his college and post-graduate PhD days to his career at Town Island Builders and finally to building his own successful enterprise, Bob has built a solid reputation based on his personal integrity and skill. He is highly respected by his peers and competitors alike.

A More Personal View

Bob is married to Bonnie, a skilled professional in her own right. She brings to Scalero Custom Homes her extensive corporate experience in marketing, sales, and design. They share their home with their two children Alexandra and Michael, two dogs, and various other family pets. The Scalero family enjoys staying active and often participate in running, rock-climbing, snow skiing, R.V.-ing, traveling and family-night activities. The family resides in a home that Bob built alongside the same friends and neighbors who have been clients of Scalero Custom Homes for nearly 25 years.

As an only child Bob has a special relationship with his parents and holds them in high esteem. One of the milestones of his success came when he presented his parents with a home he built just a block away from his own. He wanted his parents to feel like they played an important role in his success and having them close by gave everyone a sense of well being.

Bob has an easygoing patient personality and often finds himself in a teaching role. Albeit family or friends, Bob welcomes most teaching opportunities with enthusiasm. Whether he is teaching tradesmen how to draw an ellipse with a string line and two nails or teaching his kids the finer points of weight distribution on snow skis, you’ll find Bob fully engaged and committed to the process of transferring all sorts of knowledge. In fact, his clients often say how they got more than a custom home — they got an education in the construction industry.

Bob is a highly discipline individual and has subscribed to a vegetarian lifestyle for over 40 years. He’s also dedicated to meditative practices and has spent decades researching eastern spiritual principles. In fact Bob and Bonnie spent nearly a month in 2009 traveling to many of India’s spiritual sites and learning the deeper aspects of meditation from a guru.

In his spare time Bob also enjoys playing the drums and has been “banging on the drums” since he was 12 years old. He is currently building a home for someone that will have a sports bar off the family room that will be use for rehearsals and recording of their rock band. Special design constraints had to be considered to isolate the sound of the band from reaching the bedrooms directly above where the kids will be sleeping. A concrete second floor and sound isolation clips on the ceiling drywall along with double studded walls were implemented.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you licensed and Insured?

There are many different types of residential homebuilders and there are various classes of licenses a builder can obtain in the state of Florida. We have a General Contractor’s License, which is unrestricted and allows us to build residential and commercial with no limit on the number of floors. We have been licensed and insured in Florida since 1992.

How long have you been in business?

A builder’s longevity in business is a good thing, especially if they have operated under one name and have not filed bankruptcy and opened up under another name. A builder who has been building homes in the local area for more than ten years indicates he/she has a good understanding of building codes and has developed relationships with trades and suppliers. Scalero has been doing business in Brevard County since 1992.

I got a really low price from an out of town builder — can you compete with them?

Out of town builders should be viewed with caution because they often lack local knowledge and relationships. Moreover, local builders are more likely to be on your jobsite while out of town builders limit their site inspections because of the travel time. Many out of town builders will offer seemingly low cost per square footage estimates to get your business — others may simply be expanding their territory. In any case, you should be mindful of the risks associated with out of town builders. Moreover, we do our best to patronize local sub-contractors and suppliers — we rather keep our money in the local community.

What’s the difference between “Production” or “Semi-Custom” homebuilders and “Custom” homebuilders?

Production homebuilders and semi-custom homebuilders’ business models are about building as many homes as fast as possible. They require customers to select all their finishes up front before construction because they don’t want any delays in the construction schedule. If a customer wants to change something after construction commences they will be penalized with high change order fees. Scalero, on the other hand understands the custom home building process and yes, it does take longer. We understand that you want to get every detail just right.

How many houses do you build at one time?

Yes, we are small in comparison to some of the area’s builders — many of these builders are production builders and their business model is to produce as many homes as fast as possible. Our business model on the other hand is about designing and building the perfect home for our client. Our business model is about quality not quantity. The amount of homes we build at one time varies. One home can be as small as 3,000 square feet or as large as 10,000 square feet or more. We have had as much as 70,000 square feet of construction going at one time and that was all custom residential square footage — not production. Custom square feet are more demanding and require a higher degree of skill and accountability. There are an enormous amount of moving parts under one roof and coordinating labor and materials and customer selections can often be very challenging — but we’re up to the task and we pride ourselves in a job well done.

Is your home energy efficient?

Scalero is dedicated to building homes that last. In every new home we use the latest in durable, efficient and sustainable building materials to provide superior construction quality and lower energy consumption. We provide solutions to reduce your energy consumption through upgraded insulation, led lighting, solar hot water heating and more. Energy efficiency can be maximized when designed and planned into the home from the beginning. We exploit every opportunity to make our homes more energy efficient from passive and active solar systems to energy star rated appliances.

Do you design smart houses?

With the advent of the Internet and increased popularity of the personal computer, home technology has also likewise become increasingly important. Security, lighting, temperature control, ventilation, and many maintenance activities can readily be automated for convenient home management.

Are you an environmentally friendly builder?

Materials and methods in new home construction are changing and improving every day. Efforts to use resources efficiently have led to the development of many "alternative materials". Alternative materials offer choices that affect cost, the construction schedule, and long-term performance as well as the home's impact on the environment. Scalero will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of all such choices with you.

Are you a “green” builder?

To some degree, green design has been about being altruistic — do what is right because it is right — but respecting the environment has been shown to make sense financially and will no doubt continue to gain traction in the housing sector. Scalero has seen first hand how luxury can go hand-in-hand with green and has long advocated the use of sustainable building materials. Scalero has incorporated solar energy, sophisticated energy management systems, sustainable building materials, and organic landscape management practices.

Can you build my home if I have my own architect?

We welcome the opportunity to work with well-qualified Architects who are licensed and have a stellar reputation. Getting the builder involved early on is the best way to insure that proper communication and understanding between builder and architect is established.

Does Scalero provide a warranty?

Scalero Custom Homes will provide you with a one-year warranty. Certain items have a longer warranty period through the manufacturer. Once we hand over your home you can be sure you’ll live worry free. In the slim chance that you may find something wrong, we’ll of course be there to stand behind our work. We pride ourselves in having very few warranty issues.

Do I have to make all the selections before we begin construction?

Many times homeowners are overwhelmed with all the selections that will need to be made. We understand that you want to get every detail just right. We encourage you to start the selection process early on in the constructions process and to take as much time as you need - provided selections are made in ample time to get them ordered and implemented into the project without causing a delay in the construction schedule.

What if I want to change something after construction begins?

We’re always open to changes during the building process, but once blueprints have been drawn, engineering completed, and a building permit obtained, even a minor change can necessitate redrawing, reengineering, and re-approval by the building department and homeowner association. Take full advantage of your design meetings to arrive at a plan that expresses your new home dream and minimize changes to avoid extra costs or extending your home's construction schedule. Keep in mind however, that Scalero is a true custom homebuilder and we embrace any change that will enhance the final product.

Will I be able to communicate with the builder during construction?

Most people choose their builder because they believe their builder is going to build their home. Unfortunately, many clients will not see the builder after the construction agreement is signed, so in theory the builder isn’t building the house, the superintendent and the sales representative are. You are going to interact one on one with the builder before, during and after construction. Sure you’ll speak to various other people throughout the process but you’ll also have Bob’s cell number and have easy access to him — he’ll be available on your schedule. You’re not going to get the run around by a sales representative or superintendent — you will have a direct line to your builder.

Shouldn’t I Hire An Architect?

Over the years Scalero built some houses designed by others, and worked with several really good architects, but the truth is that for all but the biggest and most complex residential projects an architect simply isn’t needed. As a builder, Scalero deals every day with the real issues that directly impact the design phase: structural elements, building codes, easements, electrical, and plumbing requirements, et cetera. We draw on our building experience and use a common-sense approach to all of the structural, mechanical and budgetary aspects of the design. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that the design meets all of your physical and stylistic requirements, while at the same time considering all the custom touches and features that reflect your personality and lifestyle. As a designer/builder, Scalero has many years of experience working with clients to achieve exactly what they want from their new home, and we incorporate solid building practices that last a lifetime into every one.

How Does your Custom Home Building Process Work?

The first step is to schedule a meeting with Bob and/or Bonnie Scalero. During this initial consultation, you’ll share your vision for your new home and we’ll listen intently. We’ll review your budget requirements and discuss your square footage needs. If you already have property we’ll want to make a site visit and evaluate the property. Bob Scalero will develop a floor plan for your new home, and review that design with you. Based on your input and the site parameters, the design is tweaked many times before it is finalized. We want to gain a complete understanding of your dreams, needs, desires, and budget for your new custom home so this process can take as little as three weeks or many months.

Why do I have to have my Homeowner Association review my home plans?

Scalero builds many homes in covenant-protected communities where the homeowner association design-review committee uses criteria established by the association to review home plans. The goal is to assure that homes in the community meet agreed-upon standards affecting size, design, exterior finish materials and colors, and height. If your new home will be in a covenant-protected community, be certain that everyone on your design team is informed about the criteria your association uses in its design-review procedures.

How do I decide what kind of home design is best for my family?

Bob will work with you and flush out all your ideas. You’ll look through numerous floor plans and show him what features of each plan you like. Many times clients can find a floor plan that is close to their needs and than Bob will modify it accordingly. In some instances, a client’s ideas may require a complete design from scratch. Once the floor plan is designed and scrutinized we’ll be ready to move to the construction budget and agreement. By the time we get your floor plan finalized we’ll have formed a relationship of trust and respect. By this time, you’ll know Scalero is your builder.

Other builders have an in-house design studio — why don’t you have one?

A true custom homebuilder will not limit a client’s choice. We don’t have an in-house design studio because we believe our client’s choices are only limited by their imagination. With Scalero you are free to shop and make selections with multiple suppliers - this is encouraged. It is in your best interest to compare prices from one supplier to another and to utilize the Internet during this process. Scalero will help get pricing from multiple sources. While picking selections for our model homes we would often find great deals on marble, tile, lighting etc. by using the Internet. The less you pay for selection related items, the more upgrades you can get and still stay within your budget. If the manufacturer offers builder’s discounts we pass those savings direct to our clients. Many times in-house design studios are a profit center for builders that have them. If you are involved with a builder that has an in-house design studio, we highly recommend that after you make selections you at least spot-check the in-house prices by seeking competitive pricing apart from the builder.

How much do you charge to design a home?

The home design process allows us to interact with you in a personal way. We do not charge clients for our design time and they’re not obligated to select us as a builder. We want to be sure the fit is right for both parties. We’re going to spend at least ten months together and we want to be sure the time we spend working together will be both productive and enjoyable. If you choose us to build your home, the price for the design and construction plans will be included in the project cost.

What if I have my own builder — can you still design my home?

No. We reserve our award winning designs for our clients. Bob Scalero only designs homes for the clients that will also build with us. Each of our home plans is copyrighted and not available for sale or license.

Can you design a home to fit on an irregular shape lot?

Many of Bob Scalero's award winning designs have come from the most challenging properties. Unusual shapes, slopping lots and various restrictions often cause one to think “out of the box” and often times stimulate unexpected creativity. Scalero can offer smart solutions that will work with any space you want to build on.

Can you design a house with a basement?

Yes but unless your property happens to be on a substantial hill, you probably won't be able to build it. Unfortunately, most of the state of Florida is too close to the water table - meaning you don’t have to dig too deep to reach water. Typically in Florida, bonus rooms, attic storage, and larger garages are used to replace basements. Depending on the particulars of your house design and property, we’ll simply build a pad with dirt and compact it. In other cases, we need to build stem walls or core bore pilings into the dirt.

Do you have a selection of home plans I can choose from?

Scalero is best known for its award winning custom home designs. Unlike some builders who farm out the design work to an outside company, all design work including the construction plans are done in-house. Many times clients are sitting in front of a large monitor while design changes are made. Clients can experiment with different room configurations and different exterior elevations (style). The advantage here, besides the obvious very quick implementation of design changes, is that there is an intimate understanding of the home design and construction plans by the same people that will be building the home.

What if I didn’t like any of your current home plans?

In that case we will start with a blank sheet of paper and design your new home the way you want. Bob Scalero will personally work with you to achieve the perfect design for you and your family.

What is design/build?

We care about the satisfaction of our customers and stand behind our work. Design/Build Construction ensures that the vision of the customer is never lost during the building process. We work with clients to create innovative homes that are as visually stunning as they are functional. Working with a design-build company reduces the risk of unforeseen construction costs and ensures an efficient and easy build. Scalero is a design-build firm, which means we manage every aspect of your project from start to finish. As our client, you have one single point of contact and one single point of responsibility. We pride ourselves on the strong working relationships we foster with our clients. We want your home-building experience to be a joy, not a burden. Working with us early in the design process helps eliminate the risk of excessive building cost that do not add value to your home. This often sets us apart from other builders in Brevard County. With a keen eye on construction costs, we can provide design solutions for saving money and improving value.

After the design is complete how long will it take until construction begins?

Most of the time clients are anxious to get started and we certainly understand your excitement to get your new home underway. Before we can begin building your new home we have to finalize the design and prepare the construction documents. We’ll be working behind the scenes to complete detailed construction drawings, energy calculations, material schedules, truss layouts, engineering, etc. Once the construction documents are complete we will submit them to the building department and if applicable, architectural review board (HOA) for approval. Preparing the construction package can take between 3 and 6 weeks. The construction documents are sent to the local building department and a permit is obtained in two to four weeks.

Can you help me select a home-site?

If you are looking for a home site, Scalero may be able to assist you. We may have a lot in inventory or have access to a building site that would suit your needs. Our real estate agents would be happy to help you negotiate your land purchase as well. Perhaps most importantly, we can analyze the site to identify special features or concerns that could impact the design of your home or the budget. You’ll also want to compare the possibilities for the site to your lifestyle. If your family enjoys morning coffee on the deck, outdoor activities such as gardening, children's games, or sunbathing, will this site adapt to those activities? Will the house you want to build fit on the lot? Is the lot appropriate for the style you have in mind? If you have not completed your house plans, information about the lot may affect design decisions. Consider shape, size, angles, and materials to blend your home design with a particular site. Scalero can help you analyze the site and make all these determinations. We have a Home site Checklist that can help you identify the pros and cons of a particular property —just drop us an email and we’ll send it to you.

I am looking at potential lots — what factors should I look for?

If the site is heavily wooded we’ll need to clear it. If the property is big enough we suggest obtaining a tree survey. This helps to site the house on the property while saving and preserving as many trees as possible. If there is an existing structure on the property we will need to demolish it and haul it away. Most developers offer the lots “prepped and ready” but in many cases, these lots still need some degree of fill dirt. If you are considering ocean front property you should contact your builder early on in your selection process. Ocean front properties often come with state and sometime federal issues that need to be considered carefully. Many times what appears to be a huge lot is often reduced significantly once all setbacks and breezeway requirements are factored. This is one of the reasons why we build 3 or 4 stories on the ocean.

Should I have the soil tested?

When searching for the perfect home site it is important to get soil boring tests done to assess the quality of the soil. Some properties, particularly those located along the river, may contain muck. All muck should be removed and replaced with good fill dirt before building the pad. In some instances pilings can be drilled down deep into the soil to provide stability for the foundation instead of demucking.

How do you choose your subcontractors?

Each trade is required to be licensed in the state of Florida. The state of Florida licenses all contractors and trades through the department of professional regulations. Scalero Custom Homes has assembled a team of industry professionals who strive for excellence in customer service and quality construction. All of our suppliers and trades people have been hand selected to ensure the quality of materials and workmanship. With over 25 years of industry experience, our highly skilled building professionals can make your dream home a reality. Scalero uses only quality suppliers who we have found to provide outstanding products over a long period of time.

Will the Building Inspector insure my house gets built properly?

The state and local building departments put various measures in place to protect the home building public and to make sure the home is built in accordance with local building codes. At various stages of construction a city or county inspector will visit the site and inspect the progress. If a problem is detected the progress of construction will be delayed until the builder corrects it. Unfortunately, these measures sometimes don’t go far enough. While area-building codes govern the minimum standards of construction, once in a while quality of materials and certain construction practices go unchallenged. For instance, do you remember that mold issue with Chinese drywall? Many builders used this cheap drywall to boost their profit margins and since many construction materials are unregulated the homebuilding public was left holding the bag. The moral here is to pick a reputable builder that uses good quality materials and won't skimp on constructions materials in order to improve his bottom line.

Can I visit the job site while my house is under construction?

Of course, we always welcome your visit to the site. We realize you need to get “up close and personal” with your new home. Many builders adopt policies prohibiting clients from site visits because they believe it causes too many problems. We believe there can never be enough eyes checking for quality. We encourage you to look, inspect and ask questions. Clients don’t understand the building process and they generally have concerns that are simply put to rest by a little construction 101. We welcome the opportunity to teach our clients building principles. It gives them a finer appreciation for the various tradesmen (women) and a respect for the hard work they do. Please be mindful of the fact that construction sites can be very dangerous. We will schedule specific meetings with you throughout the various stages of construction to ensure things are going as you anticipated. Any changes you may have in mind will be discussed at great length during these on-site meetings. If we have a construction trailer on site please be sure to check in before proceeding to your home. We have construction hard hats available for you to wear while on the construction site.

How much does a Scalero custom home cost?

Scalero is very competitive with other builders. We have fairly low overhead relative to many of the other builders. Subcontractors give us very good pricing since we use the same ones on most of the homes and they know what to expect when they step foot on a Scalero project. Negotiation and frugal shopping with suppliers also helps keeps the price down. Apples to Apples you get more for the same price with Scalero than most other builders. Currently most of our homes are running between $165 and $200 per square foot of living area not including the pool and property.

How do I know how much the house will cost to build?

Once most of the details are decided, we begin the pricing process. Many of the line items are priced on a per square foot basis using historic data from the most recent homes that we have completed. Adjustments to these numbers are sometimes made due to current price variations in labor and materials. At times, depending upon the uniqueness of the home, we will send the plan to some of the suppliers and subcontractors for pricing. It is important for a client to properly relay to the builder what they are looking for in the way of selections. With this information we can price out the home and set up budgets for the selection related line items. If a client is on a tight budget, they should let us know what that is right from the beginning so we can be mindful of that during the design phase and take steps to stay within that budget.

What type of construction contract do you use - Fixed Price - Cost Plus?

For over 20 years Scalero has used a Cost Plus construction contract and for the most part it has worked very well. The downfall with this type of contract is that the client does not know exactly what the home will cost until it is very close to completion. Many clients were very concerned about not having fixed numbers on items that they had little control over such as lumber, concrete and drywall. Today we have adopted a hybrid approach to the construction contract. The structure and parts of the home that the client has very little control over is fixed and the client does not have to worry about the cost exceeding this number unless they decide to make changes - in which case there will be a written change order (many times in the form of an email) that they would approve prior to the change. The selection items are on a modified cost plus basis. These are the items that the client has control over and can upgrade or downgrade as they wish. Approximately 2/3 of the home is included in the structure related fixed costs and 1/3 in the modified cost plus selection related costs. This approach has greatly relaxed clients that were nervous about a full cost plus contract while at the same time reducing paperwork and the costs associated with change orders on the selection related items.

The way the pricing works for the selection related items (approximately 1/3 of the total cost of the home) are, if the client stays within the total allotment for all of the selection items there is no extra charge. If they exceed this total allotment by less than 8% they are charged the additional cost with no builder markup added. If they exceed this total allotment by more than 8% they are charged the additional cost, plus a 15% builder markup on the amount exceeding 8% to cover overhead and profit. If this is confusing, let us know and we would be happy to meet with you to explain this and other questions that you may have.

A lot of builders went bankrupt during the housing crash — how did Scalero fare?

Even the strength of Scalero Customs Homes would be challenged to the breaking point and require a paradigm shift in the evolving new housing market in order to survive. At the onset of the housing crisis Bob had two, one and a half million dollar model homes and various land assets including a third model that was under construction. Many local builders lost their model homes to foreclosure and were forced into bankruptcy. Homebuyers were left with unfinished homes and emptied construction accounts while tradesmen and suppliers were left with unpaid invoices for worked performed and materials sold.

During this very difficult time Bob successfully navigated his company through the crisis, regardless of the fact that Scalero had to sell models and properties at prices far below actual costs and that banks had to take back some properties and accept settlement agreements. It is important to know that while some of the banks took a bit of a hit, Scalero hurt not a single homeowner, tradesman or supplier in any way during this period. All subcontractors and suppliers were paid their full invoiced amounts and not a single home under construction went unfinished. As we emerge from this housing crisis all settlement agreements with banks have been paid and satisfied and Scalero is once again regaining its pre-crisis strength.


There are several luxury homebuilders in Brevard County, but if you are looking for a home of exceptional construction quality, as well as true elegance and striking architectural design and details, then you must speak to Bob Scalero of Scalero Custom Homes. Scalero builds the ultimate luxurious Mediterranean style home and is also a pleasure to work with. Grace Vista — Owner/Broker of Vista Florida Realty LLC

Look on my Facebook page. I posted all about you and the quality of the home you build. I have great respect for talented people and you build a sick home, so yes being a part of your team would be an honor.Rob Pacillo — Pacillo's Custom Furniture

You built my home like a damn brick shithouse. If a car crashed into the front columns the car would be destroyed. ... Another builder told me during construction of the home that if we get hit with a hurricane, he's coming here.
Carl Bomhard — Client

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A little over 5 years ago I moved into the new house that you built for me and as I look around I can see nothing that I would ask you to fix or adjust, everything is as it was on the day we moved in. No leaking or squeaking doors or windows, no jammed cabinet drawers, no cracks in the walls. Nothing. You may recall that a year or so ago I saw what appeared to be a blemish on the large crown molding in my living room and when you stopped by to inspect it you said that the best way to deal with it was to have a team come in at a time convenient to me and a week later that blemish was gone and all I heard from you was an inquiry to see if I was happy with the result. That was four years after I moved into my never tried to negotiate a price for that prompt and very professional service, you merely inquired to see if I was happy with the solution and you wanted to know if everything else was OK. I don’t know if other builder’s provide such follow up services, or even stay in touch with their clients but I consider that a noteworthy quality of your firm.

As a way of saying thanks again I thought it might be of value to you for me to share my feelings in writing about the entire evolution of the house from our initial conversation to completion so that you could possibly share such comments with prospective buyers of your expertise.

I never even considered any other builder based on the fact that I knew you as a person of exceptional integrity and unquestioned competence and taste when it came to designing and building custom homes. I am so glad that I made that decision on that basis because everything that I had hoped for unfolded as I expected.

From the very outset our design meetings were efficient and effective and the flexibility that you provided in that process enabled me to proceed with little fear of making an error that could possibly end up costing me a lot of extra money. We began with a design plan that changed over time and inasmuch as the changes were not dramatic the costs remained the same. Throughout the entire construction process you were always available to not only inform me of what was going on at that time but you pointed out why you were doing certain things to ensure the very best result possible. The team of subcontractors you assembled was excellent and I can’t remember a day when they were scheduled to be on the job that they failed to show up. Indeed, the very positive working relationship between the various subs and you seems to have played a part in the construction being on schedule from the beginning to the very end. I was very impressed with the many details that you focused on to ensure excellence and quality.... issues that I had never thought of and most likely not common to other houses being built.

Throughout the entire process you were always available and came to the job site promptly in response to any issue that surfaced and required your personal attention such as improper lumber deliveries or issues with city inspections. You constantly offered endless suggestions over time that clearly enhanced the final quality and beauty of the house (and added little if any additional cost) and now I continue to enjoy your work product. In short, you submitted a proposal to me with a design (that changed over time), a budget and a schedule. You were within budget, compliant on major design goals and on the target schedule every step of the way and I suspect that few other builders can manage a complex construction project so effectively. Again, I am a very satisfied customer and I would certainly enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking to build a new custom house. Lou Lopez — Client

When my clients want the best of the best, I recommend Scalero. John Curri — Curri Properties


Some of the Awards given to Scalero Custom Homes over the years.

  • 2011 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 2011 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 2010 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 2009 Spring Parade of Homes - Two Homes Were Entered (Different Categories)
  • 2009 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 2008 Spring Parade of Homes - Two Homes Were Entered (Different Categories)
  • 2008 Fall Parade of Homes - Showcase Home plus Second Entry (Different Category)
  • 2007 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 2004 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 2001 Parade of Homes
  • 2000 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 1997 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 1997 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 1996 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 1996 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 1995 Spring Parade of Homes - Showcase Home
  • 1995 Fall Parade of Homes
  • 1994 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 1993 Spring Parade of Homes
  • 1993 Fall Parade of Homes
I just love living in a Scalero home! Chaos — pet dog

... Quality of the components is consistently superior, and the workmanship reflects an outstanding collection of subcontractors he has assembled over the years. He was on the job site almost every day watching the work, to the extent that I almost expected a Father's day card that year. I'm still finding evidence of the extra quality of the work in places that aren't usually visited.
Jack W. Howe — Client

Working with Bob Scalero is an absolute pleasure. When working with the Scalero team, the clients and I have had total freedom to work with their styles and motifs. His attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction ensure seamless construction from start to finish. Scalero Construction's reputation as one of the highest quality builders in our area is well deserved.Tiffany Wells — Tangerine Spaces

Having now settled into our new residence, we would like to commend you and your company on the fine craftsmanship and professional services you provided throughout the design and construction of our custom home. We selected you as our builder primarily based upon your reputation for quality and your demonstrated enthusiasm with the art and science of home building. We have not been disappointed.

Throughout the construction process, you provided countless professional consultations, where you listened and advised us based upon our goals and desires. You remained available at all times (even on weekends and evenings) to discuss issues and concerns. Your flexibility in handling changes, whether to the basic floor plan or to the location of an interior wall, was exemplary. You paid attention to our vision of the completed home and worked out details we could never have anticipated. We appreciate the comprehensive focus you provided during the largest single purchase we have ever made.

We were also very impressed with the open and honest communication regarding the financial aspects of the project. Your service, integrity and final product all are first class, Thanks again.Stuart & Karen Schreiber — Clients

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